More Hip Than Hippie podcast

If you have any leanings at all towards a greener lifestyle but don’t want to be a rampant eco-warrior, have a listen to More Hip Than Hippie podcast.  Dori and Val are based in Chico, California and produce a (roughly) fortnightly eco-podcast.  They have been going since 2005 so there are almost 300 episodes in the back catalogue (which I am slowly working my way through) but you can start wherever you like.  I usually listen to the latest one when it comes out and then listen to previous episodes in between.

It is a light hearted podcast which deals with serious ecological issues ranging from cutting down on the use of plastic, to biodeisel & hybrid cars, to chemical free ways to clean your home.  They also test a beer and a chocolate each week!!  They also try to answer questions posed by listeners each episode and there is also a bit of banter regarding their personal lives.

The content is predominantly US based but is very relevant wherever you live! I’ve learned quite a lot from this podcast and will probably refer to it during future posts.  There is a permanent link in the blogroll list on the right so you can easily find it once this post moves down off the page.



Any thoughts?

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