Recycle your books

I have always been an avid reader.  I remember going to my primary school fair and choosing a copy of Worzel Gummidge and Saucy Nancy from the secondhand book stall.  The lady at the stall said that it would be a bit advanced for me to read but I asked my nan to buy it for me and took it home and devoured it.  I was probably about 7 at the time.

I’ve been reading ever since.  I do buy quite a few new books but I also buy second hand.  I can’t resist the bookshelves in charity shops, and there is a cute oldie-worldie second hand bookshop called Words & Music on the walls in Chester where I picked up a book recently that I had been looking for for ages as it was out of print.

I do like to hang onto books when I have read them but there comes a time when you have to cull them a little.  So what can you do with them?  Well you can donate them to charity shops, release them “into the wild” through Bookcrossingor you can use a site like GreenMetropolis.  On this UK based site you can list books you have for sale.  If another member of the site (free to join) wants one of your books you post it off to them and your account is credited by £3 for each book you sell.  You can also buy books, and all are priced at £3.75 no matter the size or condition of the book.  Postage is free for an average sized paperback but sellers can add a small amount extra to cover the postage on larger books.  For each book you sell or buy a 5p donation is made to The Woodland Trust.

So why not have a rummage through your unwanted books and see if you can make a few pennies whilst also helping The Woodland Trust.  It’s heartbreaking to see books  just thrown away.


Any thoughts?

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