I have beans!! Albeit very small ones at the moment but they are there!  They just appeared seemingly overnight.


These are French beans that I bought at our local hardware shop when they were a couple of inches tall and planted up in a big pot on the patio.  I put 6 plants in and trained two up each of three bamboo canes.  Four of the plants seem to be doing well but the other two are struggling a bit.  But there are definitely beans!!

The potatoes are starting to die back now so I should be able to dig them out soon.  I am hoping to coincide this with my parents’ visit in a couple of weeks so we can all try them out – if there are any of course!

I picked up a great book at the library yesterday, The Complete Vegetable Grower by John Harrison.  It’s perfect for beginners like me.  I’ll review it when I’ve finished it.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Hurrah! Do you feed them with anything, or is the compost they’re in plenty?
    I’ll have to stick with the veg box for the foreseeable…


    • I haven’t fed them but maybe I should start. I’m trying to be organic so I’m not sure what to use. I have organic strawberry fertiliser, perhaps I could use that on the beans too?


      • You could always start composting too. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of pods and peelings from all the veg you’re growing!

    • Already doing that, you should see the size of my compost bin!!! I’ll post a photo soon!


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