I have just harvested my patio potato bag.  I got 4 lbs of spuds from 5 seed potatoes.  I’m well pleased with that, just hope I can keep them ok for a couple of weeks.  I’ve put them in jute bags under the stairs in the dark but I’ll check them every couple of days.  Actually I think we are going to try a few tomorrow for dinner.

I got the patio growing bag and the five tubers free from a magazine called Grow Your Own – (just had to pay the postage) and I used normal multi purpose compost.  At the beginning of May I half filled the bag then put the tubers in and covered them with a layer of compost.  When the plants started to pop through the surface I covered them with more compost and kept doing that each time they came through until the bag was full.  Then apart from watering, they just did their own thing.  So these have grown in about 10 weeks.

I’m definitely doing spuds again next year when I have my proper veg patch, and will stagger the planting too so I have them ready at different times as I’m not totally confident in the storage side of things.

I’m thinking of putting something else in the bag now, seems a waste not to use the compost further.  But what???


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  1. Wow, these look delicious! Have you eaten any yet?
    I meant to ask you too what oil you use on your face? I have some geranium essential oil and I wondered if sweet almond would be good as a carrier oil? Any tips?


  2. We had some for dinner tonight, they mushed a bit when boiled but tasted great!

    I use 10% castor oil, 35% sweet almond oil, and 55% extra virgin olive oil in a total of 60ml for my face with a couple of drops each of tea tree and lavender essential oils. Massage into your face then wipe off with a hot face cloth, rinse and wipe again until you are happy it is all off then moisturise. My skin is the best its been since before I was a teenager!!


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