Today’s humble harvest

A few little things I picked today……..

I am totally converted to this “grow your own” thing, because of the taste.  Everything I have grown and eaten so far has been delicious.  The strawberries are sweet, the tomatoes are gorgeous and I don;t usually like eating raw tomatoes, and the one bean each we had the other day was lovely too.  Here are some of the spuds cooked ………

They went a bit fluffy when boiled but again the flavour was so much better than shop bought.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Makes you realise how things should taste doesn’t it? We have been totally spoiled up at my dad’s this weekend, with all the veggies taken straight from the garden for our meals. I wanted some tomatoes to go with our eggs at breakfast, I just went out to the greenhouse and picked some. I’m definitely going to give ‘grow your own’ a try next spring!
    PS. I have the raw ingredients for the moisturiser!


  2. I grew yellow tomatoes last year and they were delicious. I forgot this year but will again next year!


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