Planet Organic

It’s my birthday today so I got a timely delivery of goodies!!  It all came in a recycled box, with compostable packing chips (the ones that look like Wotsits) and biodegradable bubble wrap around the fragile items.

I have recently upped my efforts at being more environmentally aware and chemical aware, and to that end I have been looking into more organic products.  I heard about Planet Organic on my favourite podcast More Hip Than Hippie and found out they have a UK website, PlanetOrganicUK.  So off I went to have a look.  I wanted to try the Eco2Life cleaning products which they carry so ordered those, but then I found the chocolate section!!  Yikes.

Well you have to try a selection to know what you like, right??  I’ll get back to you when I do the taste test comparison!

I’ll give an opinion on here as I try each product, obviously I have other stuff to use up first, but as and when…..



3 responses to this post.

  1. Happy birthday, have a lovely day! Cleaning products aren’t very exciting but the chocolate all looks rather yummy although I don’t think I’d like the chilli one.
    Well done on being more environmentally aware, and thanks for the PlanetOrganicUK link which looks rather interesting. xx


  2. Posted by nINA on August 9, 2011 at 4:40 am

    Happy, Happy Birthday!! (It’s still your birthday here) 😛

    Hope your day was the best evarrr, and may you have many more! I would send you chocolate, but it would be soup before it reached the post office. Later, in autumn, I promise.

    This is a great blob. I enjoyed catching up and reading about your first efforts. But Donna, all your first efforts bloom into successes, so this will be yet another triumph. I look forward to reading more!



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