Mini greenhouse

So this is what Colin bought me for my birthday (although there is something on the way in the post which hasn’t arrived yet!).

It’ll be great for protecting seeds and small plants from the weather.  I haven’t put it together yet because the place where it is going to go isn’t ready.  It is going behind the shed but we are going to have to shift the compost bin a bit to fit it in as Colin recently sited the water butt round there too so there isn’t quite enough room to squeeze the growhouse in.  It shouldn’t be a problem as there isn’t that much in the compost bin yet, despite the efforts of a couple of neighbours who keep leaving me their grass cuttings!!  The growhouse is 5’3″ tall, perfect for me at 5’1″!!

I was very impressed with the garden centre we went to, it had some lovely planted borders and even an example veggie patch.  I took some photos of how I would like the non-veggie part of the garden to look…….

(Click the individual pictures for larger versions – for some reason I can’t edit out the two doubles from the gallery)

Unfortunately at the moment it looks like this…….

We’ll get there!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. What a great present, and one which I’m sure that you’ll put to good use!
    Just make sure that it’s well secured against the wind as they do tend to fly off or topple over if not. xx


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