One big strawberry

Today I picked the biggest strawberry that I have grown so far this year

I’ve been a bit disappointed with the strawberries, I’ve only been getting one or two at a time.  I bought 4 different varieties from the garden centre and they haven’t been great apart from the taste which is much better than shop bought.  In fact the two plants that have performed the best have been the two un-named plants I got in Morrisons supermarket and stuck in the top of the growing bag to fill the gap!!  It may be due to the fact that they are at the top and therefore getting the best of the water, I’m not sure the plants at the bottom are getting any at all really.  Next year I’ll have to put in a holey pipe before I fill with compost so the water can get right down the bag.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I ate my first strawberry today, which was considerably smaller than that one!
    I moved mine earlier in the year and until recently they’ve looked very frazzled. Never mine I prefer blackberries and raspberries, which have been brilliant. xx


  2. Perhaps it’s the weather too? It’s hard to believe it’s August. Mine are showing no signs of fruit whatsoever, I think they’ve given up. Do you know if you can use the same plants next year?


    • I think if they are in the ground they can last up to 3 years but don’t know about ones in pots. Do you have any runners on them?


  3. Magnificent – mine have been rubbish this year.


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