Free (-ish) lavenders

In a recent issue of Gardener’s World magazine there was an offer for 6 free lavender plants if you paid £4 P+P.  So I filled in the coupon and ordered them, and they arrived this morning.  They are only small plug plants but they look healthy enough.

Each one is different but the names were printed on the front of the packaging and I didn’t have any plant label sticks.  So I used my reuse, recycle brain and fished an empty yogurt pot out of the recycling bin.  I cut strips and pointy ends and used a Sharpie to write on them.  Perfect plant labels!

I potted them all together in a small trough because they will go into the garden at some point.

I must google the different names to see what they will look like when they flower next year.

We’ve just had a couple of guys round to have a look at the garden and give us a quote for basically digging things out and getting it prepared for me to start doing my thang!  They were recommended by the builder who did our extension and he did a great job so fingers crossed.  We have had one ridiculously expensive quote so hopefully this one will be better. These guys seem a bit more “manual labour” than “garden designer” which is what we need.


Talking of recycling, I heard a great story on the More Hip podcast.  A couple of friends have been sending each other a birthday card for around 30 years.  And when I say “a birthday card” I mean ONE birthday card.  One of them sends it to the other who then writes on it and sends it back when it is the other one’s birthday.  Over the years they have had to add the occasional sheet of paper when they ran out of room but the same card has been going backwards and forwards all that time.  I think it’s a great idea, after all do you remember the picture on the front of all the cards you get year after year?  Would it matter if it is the same one?  Think of the number of trees that could be saved if everyone did this, and the cellophane wrapping etc that cards are wrapped in these days.  And if you had a group of people you could send a different one to a different person to add a bit of variety.  I certainly wouldn’t be offended but maybe choose the friends you do it with carefully!!


And in case you were wondering, my other present from Colin arrived in the post yesterday.  It was a copy of Vegetable Growing Month by Month by John Harrison.  I have realised that it is actually a previous edition of the book I reviewed recently, The Complete Vegetable Grower, without all the glossy paper and photographs.  But this is great because that was a library book and now I don’t have to buy a copy!!


One response to this post.

  1. I really like lavender but haven’t got any on the plot but do now have some on order! One of each will let you see which you really like, and you’ll perhaps get some more of those later on.
    Good luck with the gardener, who having been recommended like that will hopefully be okay.
    Mmm I’m not sure about the card! I don’t send many but buy charity ones that aren’t wrapped in cellophane, and any I get do get recycled.
    That’s a good book which I’m sure will become well thumbed! xx


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