Another surprise!

These appear to have sprung up overnight!!  There are two of them and they are each about 4 inches across and I swear they were not there yesterday…

Most peculiar but I guess it is the right time of year.  We’ve never had them before though.  I wonder if they were spores from the old garage which was taken down for the extension and when the soil was excavated for the base for the shed, they were disturbed and moved to the other side of the garden with the excavated earth?

My first dahlia flower has finally opened, this is Dahlia tartarus with very dark red flowers.  The other one I have is called Dahlia themis and according to Google images will be yellow.

And my Cherry tomato “Gardener’s Delight” has started to ripen.  We had one today and again it was delicious. The “Sweet Million” is also coming along too.

Gardener's delight

The un-named yellow tumbler tomato is quite prolific, there are loads of them hanging right down to the ground, which reminds me I must get something to lift them up a bit or they might go off.

My parsley is making an effort – two plants from the seeds I planted about a month ago

And finally this has grown from a wildflower seed mix I threw in a pot but i don;t know what it is, can anyone help??


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  1. That’s a rather different looking dahlia. Sadly my Gardener’s Delight plants have succumbed to blight so I shall have pull them up and burn them!
    The wildflower looks like one of the clover family, which are often included in wildflower seed mixtures as they’re great for bees. xx


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