One week to go…..

Take a look at these pictures of my garden.  Drink them in because in one week’s time it isn’t going to look like this anymore.

All the gravel is being taken up and the perished weed membrane underneath is all being replaced.  The Forsythia on the right is coming out and that is where my vegetable patch is going to be.  The whole lawn is being taken up and re-turfed, and everything else is going to be given a blooming good tidy up.  The old shrub stumps are being dug out, the holly re-shaped and the borders prepared for new plants.

The water butt and compost bin will stay in place but the ground in front of them will be levelled out and my small growhouse will go against the shed to the right of the water butt.

I am so excited about it all.  I’ve been reading all the magazines and books I can get my hands on, but now I just want to get on with it.  The onion sets and garlic should be on their way in a couple of weeks so they will be the first veg to go into the veg patch.  I shall need to put up some lattice fencing around the patch to keep the dog off, but hopefully that shouldn’t restrict anything too much as the light should get through the gaps.

Roll on Friday at 8am, that’s when the men are coming to do all the work.  This week I need to really decide on the final design ideas.


7 responses to this post.

  1. How exciting for you! Next year it’ll all be looking rather different. xx


  2. Has anyone started calling you Tom and Barbara yet? Seriously, this is going to look great, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll grow.


    • Not yet Dan, but I’m sure it’ll happen!! BTW I’m sorry I haven’t commented on your blog but it just won’t let me!! Your cottage is really coming along though, perhaps we can come over and see it when it’s finished??


  3. OO how exciting – I love a good garden project – I’m sure you’ll keep us posted as to how it’s all going wont you.


  4. Good luck. Shall look forward to the “after” pictures.


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