Book review: Grow Organic

Grow Organic (Made With Care)Grow Organic by Garden Organic

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I thought this book was excellent. It gives so much information in an easy to read format and I read it cover to cover like a novel! There are lots of full colour photos throughout.

Topics covered are soil, watering, weeds, plant health, gardening for wildlife, garden planning, herbaceous plants. growing vegetables, herbs, fruit and an A-Z of plant problems.

Great for beginner gardeners who don’t want to use nasty chemicals in their gardens and look after the natural environment, and also for established gardeners who would like to change their ways.

I also like the way the book is printed using sustainable paper sources, uses vegetable inks and has no unnecessary dust jacket.

I got this book out of the library but it is going to go on my wishlist for my own copy.

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  1. A good review post! I bought a copy of this book of this book soon after I took on the allotment.
    I agree that’s it’s probably more useful to beginners, but as a general organic growing reference book I don’t think that it can be bettered. xx


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