It’s finished already!!

I can’t believe that the garden is finished!!  The guys worked so hard for the two days, a few times today having to make a run for it to shelter in the shed when the heaven’s opened.  I’m really pleased with it.  We just have to get some kind of dog proofing around the veg patch and get some decent compost dug in as the soil is pretty depleted.  And we have to water the new turf every day for at least a week and not walk on it.  So here it is……..(click each pic for larger versions)

If you want a reminder of the before pictures they are here

We are so pleased with the results.  Look at that veg bed!!  I should get plenty in there next year.  I’m really happy with the lawn edging too.  They have put them in level with the turf so the lawn mower should slide over them.  The gravel is a little bit dirty but a couple more good downpours like we had today and it should be fine.

I can’t wait to get planting now!!!

And if anyone has any tips on stopping dog wee scorching the grass PLEASE let me know!!


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  1. That looks really good, no wonder you sound so pleased! Things like climbing beans and sweet peas will hide the fence, and I sure that you’ll also be growing things in containers which you can put on the gravel.
    It’s going to look a real colourful picture come next summer. xx


  2. Looks great. I bet you cant wait to get planting.


  3. Nice design it looks great!


  4. It looks fantastic Donna! How big is the veg patch? On the dog wee problem, I just used to go out with a watering can after ours had done their business. I think you can get something that goes in their drinking water which helps too.


    • It is 6m by 2m. Went out this morning and got some manure and compost. Also some “dog rocks” for the water bowl. Supposed to neutralise nitrogen in the wee. But will also be chucking water on it too.


  5. Heard that a teaspoon of tomato ketchup/tomato juice in the dogs water bowl also helps to neutralise the dog’s urine. Like the look of the new garden, I would get some composted farmyard manure on the veg patch and possibly some green manure to dig in next spring.


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