Blueberry mishap.

I re-potted my blueberry bush this morning and may have discovered why it hasn’t flourished.

This is a “Top Hat” blueberry bush I sent off for from either Kitchen Garden or Grow Your Own magazine.  It was free but you had to pay P+P.  When it arrived in March I potted it into ericaceous compost (they need acid soil) mixed with a bit of garden soil and left it be.  I try to water it from the water butt but sometimes I do put the hose on it which isn’t recommended because of the more alkaline tap water and chlorine.

It hasn’t really developed any new growth and the old growth is spindly and pretty sad looking.

So I decided to repot it in case the pot wasn’t large enough.  In doing this I discovered that the drainage holes were blocked so no water was draining out and the soil was all a bit claggy.  The original root ball hadn’t developed any new roots, so I teased the old ones out a bit and put it into a larger pot with just the ericaceous compost this time, no garden soil.

I don’t know if I’ve done the right thing or if the water-logging was the problem, but I’ll see what happens.

Oooo, and I got an email this morning from SimplySeeds to say my onion sets, garlic bulbs, pea and cabbage seeds are being sent today!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Most plants don’t like being in claggy soil so I would say that you’ve done the right thing, and you should notice it perking up fairly quickly! xx


  2. There are few plants which like to sit in soggy soil. Fortunately blueberries do like a lot of moisture although they do need some drainage so I think what might have killed other plants has meant that your blueberry should be fine. I nearly killed a houseplant recently by not letting it drain before putting it back in the pot. I fortunately got to it in time but I was quite annoyed with myself, I should have known better!!!


  3. Posted by steffiw on October 5, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    I have blueberry bushes,mine dont seem to mind loads of water(i live in county cork so plenty of rain!)they have been outside for 4 years in all weathers in a very stony area,this year i moved them under cover in a less stony place and had a small crop but then they looked a bit sad,being a novice i decided to “wait n see”and it seemed to work as they are now looking very healthy despite being constantly drowned by endless rain!hopefully next year i will still be glad i moved them!


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