Edging suggestions?

This is my new veg patch, with it’s lovely dog protection trellis all the way round!

When the edging blocks were laid, they were set in cement which is wider than the width of the stones themselves.  So when we came to push the bamboo poles into the ground we had to move them in a bit in order to avoid the cement.  This means I have a strip of about 4-6 inches all the way round outside of the trellis………

I can’t grow anything obviously edible here because the mutt will eat it so I’m open for suggestions!  I was thinking herbs, borage or companion flowers but I don’t want anything too large, or anything that is going to use the water and nutrients intended for the veggies.  With the cement below, the soil layer is quite shallow there too.



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  1. How about nasturtiums? Just a few trailing ones would cover the strip, edging bricks and scramble up the trellis, if you let it, and give you lots of colour !
    I’ve collected plenty of seeds and be happy to send you some when I send you your borlotti beans. xx


  2. What about the poached egg plant? Beneficial insects love it and it would look really pretty around the edges.

    Borage as I can testify, after I have just wrestled with the stuff has quite deep roots and gets surprisingly tall and is covered in vicious little hairs that prick you all over!!!!!Its redeeming feature was the bees loved it but I’m not sure I’ll choose to grow it again. I say choose since it looks like it has already resown itself – great.


  3. How about calendula, or another companion plant that suits your veg? Calendula is so pretty, undemanding and you can use its petals to make some great herbal skin products or in teas or salads.
    Also agree with Flighty on the nasturtiums, I LOVE them! (They’d also look great with calendula.)


  4. I’ve saved plenty of calendula (pot marigold) and poached egg plant seeds as well so the same applies with them. xx


    • Thanks Flighty!! I have a load of random seeds that I’ve acquired from all the magazines I’ve bought over the last 6 months, so if there is anything you would like let me know and I’ll see if I have any.


  5. Hi! I would be tempted to try tagetes lemon gem; they looked wonderful grown beneath tomato cordons at RHS Wisley last summer and I keep meaning to try some. I agree that borage is probably too vigorous and vicious for the front there, calendula, nasturtiums, poached egg plants all sound good. The little daisies of erigeron karvinskianus could be fun too, though they will probably self seed between the edging blocks too.


  6. Thank you to everyone for all these suggestions, I will bear them all in mind for the spring!


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