Book review: Allotted Time

Allotted Time: Two Blokes, One Shed, No IdeaAllotted Time: Two Blokes, One Shed, No Idea by Robin Shelton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book.
An unemployed, divorced dad of two, newly moved into a neighbourhood, needs to borrow a vacuum cleaner. He wanders down the road and finds a likely looking house and upon knocking the door meets a guy who becomes a really good mate. One alcohol fuelled evening they decide they’ll get an allotment, despite the fact that neither of them knows one end of a spade from the other and has never gardened before.
Over the course of twelve months we follow the exploits of these two (well mainly one of them as the other pops in and out as his job allows) as they learn as they go, on a very small budget.
It is a bit blokey at times with stories of “Man Making Shelter” by building their own shed out of various scrap wood such as old bunk beds and a dismantled cricket pavilion. And also sniggering about erections (of the shed and a dilapidated greenhouse) and how they would like their carrots to be just like Dick’s (a nearby plot neighbour who grows fantastic carrots).
But overall a heartwarming story where the author discovers the plot is more than just digging and growing stuff and is good for his mental health (he is a manic depressive) and his relationship with his two boys.
There are successes and failures along the way but it is written in an easy to read friendly style which I whizzed through in a couple of days. I think any gardener (and especially allotment plot holder) would enjoy this and recognise situations and characters from their own experiences.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this book, and certainly recognised some characters and situations. xx


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