Book review: The Allotment Chef

The Allotment Chef: Home-grown Recipes and Seasonal StoriesThe Allotment Chef: Home-grown Recipes and Seasonal Stories by Paul Merrett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the third book in a row that I have read about someone starting an allotment and how they fared. This one is written by a chef from London (all three have been based in London!) who decides to grow his own produce and then write a book about it with recipes using the stuff he grows.

The first half is the biography bit, the obtaining of the allotment and the trials and tribulations of clearing it, planting, getting the family involved, trying not to visit the supermarket ever again, etc. Again it is not a how-to book but is fun and interesting.

The second half is the recipe section, with which I think the author has used some artistic license. I don’t think all the produce in the recipes came from his allotment but they do all look very tasty and hopefully I’ll give some of them a go.

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  1. As I’m not a foodie or a would-be chef so I’m not into reading such books.However I’ll pass on your recommendation to someone who I’m sure will enjoy reading it. xx


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