First frost

Woke up this morning to the first frost of the year.  And it was quite a heavy one.

All my fledgling veggies seem to have survived but the broad beans were drooping a bit

They should pick up later though because the sun is out and melting the frost quite rapidly.  My acer is a beautiful colour in the sunlight

and the last of the Gaillardia flowers are putting up a fight


5 responses to this post.

  1. No frost here yet – just damp and drizzle – I think I would prefer frost to be honest.


  2. Your beans should be fine, they’re hardy little blighters.


  3. We had some too, I’m worried about my dahlias in their pots though, I must go and find them on the patio in the dark when I get home from work! The frost was beautiful though, it made me want to get out my Christmas songs on the way to work this morning.


  4. I thought we would have our first frost last night because it was so clear but a bank of cloud came in over night and pushed up the temperature so still no frost. Just been left with a cold, damp drizzly day. I’m with Elaine I’d prefer some frost to this.


  5. It always comes as a shock, and thank goodness that everything is okay. Terrific photos. xx


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