The final 11 of 2011

Yesterday I picked the very last 11 struggling tomatoes from my outdoor plants.  We are now very reluctantly going to have to buy from the shops!

The final 11 of 2011

Can anyone else believe it is December 1st today??  It was exactly a year ago this week that our house extension was started and I’d never before grown a vegetable!


4 responses to this post.

  1. I can’t believe its December. It’s probably the weather. This time last year we had snow and I look out on the garden now and I’ve still got plants flowering. Enjoy the last of your tomatoes, it won’t be that long before you’re sowing next year’s plants.


  2. Lucky you! I agree that this year has gone by very quickly. xx


  3. It’s amazing that you’re still harvesting tomatoes in December. I don’t tend to buy them from the supermarket as they really don’t have much taste when you compare them to home grown. Thank you for entering my giveaway.


  4. I was nominated for a blog award, and, in turn, have nominated your blog. I hope you don’t mind!


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