I received some seed potatoes last Saturday and was going to hold onto them for a while before putting them out to chit.  However, I checked them this morning and there were some “eyes” starting to sprout so I bit the bullet and decided that as they had taken it upon themselves to get going, who was I to stop them!!

I only bought 6 each of Desiree, International Kidney and Arran Pilot as I only have a small plot or growing bags.

I have put them into egg boxes and put them on the windowsill of my downstairs loo which is bright but cool.

Potatoes starting to chit

Bottom row – International Kidney (also known as Jersey Royals but you aren;t allowed to call them that unless they are grown in Jersey!) and Desiree.

Top row – on the right are the Arran Pilot and on the left are some spuds that were bought for eating but started to sprout so I’ll bung them in and see what happens!!

We have heavy frosts at night at the moment and my broad beans are collapsing and then recovering during the day only to collapse again at night!!  Hope they’ll be ok, they seem quite resilient.  But I’m not sure if I need to give them some support so they don’t flop over so much?


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  1. I’d knock the long sprouts off the top left ones and let them re-chit, otherwise they’ll be much too long!
    I’d leave the broad beans alone. If you do lose any you can sow new seeds later on. xx


  2. I too favour the old egg boxes for chitting. I only got around to planting some of my broad beans seeds a week or too ago.


  3. I just got my seed potatoes and put them in the cold dark loft for the moment. Feeling inspired now I’ve seen this, I think I really should get mine started too. Where did you order them from, I would love to grow my on Jersey Roy-I mean, International Kidney’s.


  4. They seem to be coming along nicely. So when do you think you will plant yours?


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