Someone didn’t double dig……….

My veg patch was created last September after the garden was wrecked during house renovations.  Where the patch is, it used to be just a garden border with a scraggy old Forsythia and basically encroaching grass.  In my eagerness to get growing edibles, I planted away after adding a bit of compost and chicken pellets.

I planted onions, garlic, broad beans, peas, cabbages and a couple of raspberry canes.  I did NOT plant these………

By “these” I mean the clump of things on the right.  It would appear that the very dormant tulip bulbs that haven’t shown their faces for years have decided that they will make an appearance right in the middle of my onion patch.  There are a couple coming up among the peas too!  There are quite a few little bunches popping up as you can see here……

I pulled one out from among the peas (the peas are coming out this week anyway as they are not doing well and I’m going to re-sow) and it is quite a healthy looking bulb…….

So what do I do?  If I dig them out will it disturb my developing onions?  If I leave them in will they take all the goodness away from the onions?  I think this is a question for the UK Veg gardeners forum!!

How quickly do daffodils grow?  Yesterday in the park with the dog I spotted a couple in flower, today there were dozens of them, seemingly popping up overnight.  They are the little mini ones and were very bright and cheery.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’d leave them be rather than disturb everything, then dig them up later in the year and transplant. Any you do dig up now, like the one shown, plant into a pot and they should be okay.
    The mini daffodils always show way before the tall ones especially if they’re in a sheltered, sunny spot. I like these as they tend not to go over like the others do when it’s wet and windy. xx


  2. Posted by Debbie on February 22, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    The tulips won’t take much away from your onions and they may even look nice. I’d leave them for this year and take them out later. The little “tete-a-tete” narcissus are really useful as they flower away and don’t get blown over in strong winds like the big daffodils do. I plant these in preference to daffs.


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