Is there a giant at the top?

My beans are growing so fast I’m wondering if they are magic beans and there is going to be a giant at the top shouting ” Fee, fi, fo, fum!”  Here they are as of this morning, 12 days after I sowed the seeds…….

I bought some bamboo canes at the weekend, I think it might soon be time to construct some wigwams.  Although saying that, there was a ground frost this morning so these are staying inside for now.

The tomatoes are slower growers but coming along with a germination rate of almost 100% (the beans have been 50%).

Outside, the broad beans are just starting to flower

and the cabbages, onions & garlic are ticking over. (The camellia flowers are dropping in from next door!)

The rhubarb crown I planted in the autumn has two large stalks now and plenty of new growth.  Would I be able to eat the two larger stalks or just leave the whole thing be until next year?

(click photos to enlarge)


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  1. I don’t usually start sowing my beans till May – so you are way ahead of me, with all your other veg too – I am trying to hold back a bit till the soil warms up.


  2. Wow, what type of beans are they? I’m growing french beans and borlotti beans this year but they are both fairly tender so can’t be planted outside until the end of May. Beans do germinate really quickly so I probably won’t sow mine until the last week in April. If I had a greenhouse I’d probably get an earlier crop by growing some dwarf beans but I don’t unfortunately so I’ll just have to wait. It’s probably best not to have any of the rhubarb this year it really needs to send all of it’s energy into put a good root system into the ground, harvesting stalks would weaken the plant. I know it’s really difficult to resist, isn’t it? But you’ll have a much bigger and better plant next year.


  3. Everything is looking good! Beans plants are frost tender so most people don’t plant out, or sow direct, until at least mid May! Whatever you do with, or happens to, these there’s plenty of time to do more if need be.
    Regarding the rhubarb I agree with Welly’, but if you must then just pick a couple of stems to try, but no more!


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