Sowing again

I’ve been seed sowing again this morning.  I put a row of beetroot in the veg bed outside and also re-sowed the peas.  In seed trays I have done leeks, sweet peppers and Swiss chard.

Hopefully these are in at the right times.  As for the beans they are now over a foot tall!

Can anyone tell me when I need to plant my Dahlia roots?

And if you are interested in what I have been sewing then you can have a look here!!


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  1. Posted by tinyokgardener on March 8, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    Dahlia’s won’t tolerate frost. Be sure you are well past your last average frost date before planting.


  2. I start my dahlias off in big pots with moist compost, not wet, about now but I keep them in cold frames. Here in Wales our last frost is possible up until about mid May so I need to keep them under cover until then. They can get quite big though if planting them this early. They’ll flower earlier but you do need the space to keep them protected. If you don’t have a cold frame or greenhouse I wouldn’t plant them up until about mid April and as soon as you see any shoots poking through the soil I’d fleece them until it was warm enough on a night to plant them out. You might find the beetroot will be slow to germinate at the moment as the soil is still fairly cold. A really good sign of the soil warming up is when you get loads of annual weed seeds germinating.


  3. I’ve just been looking at your beans – haven’t they grown fast??!!


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