Quick catchup

Wow, what amazing weather we are having.  I’ve taken advantage by having a good tidy up of the veg patch and got rid of as many weeds as I can.  Unfortunately there is bindweed popping up around the edge and the tulips have firmly established amongst the onions!

In my beginner’s eagerness I thought the tomato and bean seedlings on my kitchen table would like a bit of sunshine and put them outside during the day on Saturday & Sunday.  But they have gone all pale and some of the leaves have wilted.  I’m thinking that although it was supposedly something like 20 degrees out there, that there was a cool breeze that they didn’t like.  I’m hoping they will recover otherwise it’s back to square one!  Lesson learned: don’t be too keen!!!

I have a small flowerbed next to the shed……

….into which I put my free* lavenders, a Japanese Anemone, and some bulbs in the autumn.  I had a grand total of 2 snowdrops come up but in the last couple of days I have 2 yellow fritillaries and this lovely one…..

A few weeks ago I received my 3 free* asparagus crowns, and am growing them in a patio bag which came with them.  I keep having to top it up because this stubborn fellow keeps making a bid for freedom…..

Although it is very tempting to cut it and eat it, I’m not allowed to have any for at least a couple of years!  I’m am really going to have to learn some patience in this ‘grow your own’ game.

(* = free if you pay P&P in various magazine offers)


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  1. It has been amazing weather, hasn’t it. The patience thing is a bit of a problem with me too. We planted up a tayberry last year and only got 1 fruit from it but this year we should get quite a lot.

    If your tomatoes and beans don’t survive don’t worry too much there is plenty of time to sow some more beans. I’m not sowing mine till about mid April and there’ll be lots of small tomato plants in garden centres between now and the middle of May. I lost some tomato plants a couple of years and ended up replacing them with ones from the garden centre. These things happen.

    One thing I would really like is some of my own asparagus. I need to resist though i really have run out of space!!


  2. I’ve been giving my chilli seedlings ‘sunbaths’ too, mainly by leaving them on the coffee table in the sitting room so they get some afternoon sun.
    I tried to start some seedlings in the spare room, but too much heat + not enough light lead to leggy spindly things. They were just sweet peas and sunflowers, so I planted them and will pop a few extra seeds directly into the ground in case they give up the ghost.
    Very envious of your asparagus, I know your suppose to leave it for a year or so, but I’ve never figured out how you’re meant to resist!


  3. It’s nearly all sounding and looking good! Patience is most definitely the name of this game as you’ll find out one way or another! xx


  4. Posted by Annie_H on March 28, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    Its crazy this weather isn’t it, there just isn’t a cloud in the sky today, we must make the most of it while it lasts. Good luck with your asparagus, its something I might try next year, I think the patience bit would be hard for me too but I’m sure it would be worth the wait.


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