I’ve got a Square Foot Garden

Well not officially.  I saw this growing bag in Morrisons a few weeks ago for a fiver and bought it, not knowing what size it was!  When I got it home it turned out to be a metre square divided into 9 sections.  So theoretically in old money each section is approximately a square foot.  So I have dug out my copy of All New Square Foot Gardening to have a proper look at.

We set it out today and so far there are 3 and a half 60litre bags of peat-free organic compost in there. And the first small offering from the bottom door of my compost Dalek, how exciting. I’ve watered it and will allow it to settle before I add any more, but it may not need it.  I’m not planning to grow the longest carrot in Cheshire in there!

I shall probably do lettuce, rainbow chard, leeks, and a few other bits and pieces with some kind of squash in the middle.  Or perhaps a tumbler tomato could go in the middle and I could keep my fingers crossed the dog can’t reach across that far!  I won’t be able to put anything fruiting in it for that reason, she’ll have the lot!

Any ideas for other things I can put in there?  I’ve got so many seeds I’ve probably got something anyone might suggest!!


4 responses to this post.

  1. They look perfect for lettuce and chard and other salad stuff like radishes and beetroot but I possibly wouldn’t try a squash. They get to be enormous sprawling plants and would quite easily overwhelm the whole area. I had a similar problem with courgettes last year getting so big I couldn’t use one of my paths as the courgette made a bid for freedom!!!. You could try spring onions and maybe baby carrots.


  2. I’m growing lettuce! And just the other day someone mentioned that shoe racks are really good because you can put the soil in each little pocket and then grow lettuce, or things like that. I really want to try it. Love your little garden box.


  3. That looks good! I agree with Welly’ about what to grow in it. xx


  4. Lettuce and other baby leaf things would be great. It looks perfect for a constant succession of salad-y things.


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