Broad beans – first harvest

Well I think I managed to avert the blackfly crisis by taking off the growing tips of the shoots on the broad beans, and I have just been out and picked the first handful for our dinner this evening.

From 740g of picked pods……..

………I got 215g of beans………

……..and when these were shelled I was left with 115g of beans for our dinner……

Look how vibrant that green is and although my childhood memories of broad beans are that of eating sour rubber, these are lovely and sweet.  And there are still loads more on the plants.  These were planted back in the autumn, with the seeds put straight into the ground.  The veg patch was new and had hardly anything added to it, a couple of bags of manure and a couple of organic compost and that was it.  And I haven’t fed them since.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I never bother usually planting in the autumn as the spring ones catch up – not this year though. It will be a few weeks before any beans appear on my plate. Yours look lovely – can’t wait for mine now.


  2. Well done, mine were spring sown and have flowered but will be a while yet. xx


  3. We’ve just picked our first broad beans too. Although the black fly have appeared, despite pinching out the tips. I love broad beans it’s just such a shame that by the time you’ve doubled podded them there is so much less than you’d thought there would be. I sowed mine in mid Feb and are at the same stage as fellow plot holders autumn sown ones which is interesting.


  4. Yum … I love broad beans! And they’re the same colour as those knitted socks we were admiring this morning!!


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