Onions – first harvest

My “Radar” onions had started to flop over and as they were getting quite large, and we had a dry afternoon today, I dug them up.  They are of varying sizes but all big enough for me to be happy with.  I’d say they were all at least as big as a tennis ball.

I also dug out a few bulbs of garlic as the leaves were getting very rusty.  In last weeks “Gardener’s World”, Monty Don suggested that this is the best course of action for rusty garlic even though the bulbs may not be fully formed yet.  The ones that came out were great but I have decided to leave the rest of them in for now and see if I can get them a little bigger.  These were “Vallelado” garlic, an organic variety from The Organic Catalogue which I planted on October 4th.  These were the first things I planted in my new veg patch and now they are fully grown and on their way in the big wide world.  I’m so proud, (sniff).

Radar onions & Vallelado garlic 1.7.12

I have put them all in the growhouse out of the rain, but with plenty of light to dry out.  Hopefully they’ll last long enough for us to eat them.

Also today I harvested another batch of broad beans for dinner, along with some lovely rainbow chard from the square foot growbag.

Broad beans and rainbow chard 1.7.12


4 responses to this post.

  1. You’re obviously well pleased, and rightly so as it all looks great. I think that tennis ball sized onions are ideal. Check them regularly to make sure none are going soft, and use any that are first.
    I picked my first broad beans today to eat tomorrow. I sowed some rainbow chard earlier in the year which hasn’t germinated so I’ll try again next year. xx


  2. It feels really great when you finally start harvesting your own produce. It’s so addictive as well. I’ve run out of space at the allotment and have started putting some plants in containers at home. Have you tried roasting your garlic in the green? It’s super tasty that way and is a good way of using garlic that may not store well.


  3. An excellent harvest. I’m holding back slightly with the garlic, I planted mine in January, as I’m hoping for the bulbs to get a bit bigger. I have used a few green bulbs, but the rest are just starting to yellow now and will have to come up soon. Just waiting for some decent dry weather!


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