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Sowing again

I’ve been seed sowing again this morning.  I put a row of beetroot in the veg bed outside and also re-sowed the peas.  In seed trays I have done leeks, sweet peppers and Swiss chard.

Hopefully these are in at the right times.  As for the beans they are now over a foot tall!

Can anyone tell me when I need to plant my Dahlia roots?

And if you are interested in what I have been sewing then you can have a look here!!


A proper gardener

I got quite a few things done yesterday.  I’m afraid Morrisons’ plant section managed to ensnare me once again but I only spent a fiver and got 2 perennials and 2 different types of bulbs.  The bulbs were £1 a packet for 6 snowdrops or 10 fritillaries.  There were various others there too but I just chose these.  The perennials I got were 2 for £3, a Heuchera Ruby Bells and a Penstemon Picotee Red. They also had good size Cordylines but I left those for now.

So the bulbs are now in the lavender bed.  It doesn’t look much yet, the lavenders are very small and the bulbs are obviously underground but you can see the Japanese anemone!  I’m hoping the 3 buds on it will open before it gets too cold.

I then checked on my cabbage and pea seeds in the growhouse.  All 7 cabbages have germinated and 3 of 7 peas so far.  There doesn’t appear to be any difference between the Jiffy 7s and the multipurpose compost in terms of germination.

I have put my three strawberry runners in there and the four large pots in the middle contain 3 sweet pea seeds each, also sown yesterday.  I’ve planted 2 pots with Spencer Waved Mixed and 2 with Butterfly Kisses.

And then I did some real planting!!  I put in my garlic!  I planted one block of Vallelado from the Organic Catalogue.  I had 3 bulbs which gave me 20 decent sized cloves.  And I had 1 bulb of Solent Wight from SimplySeeds from which I got a block of 16 cloves but some of them were quite small and may not be viable.  Here’s a picture but it is just of a bed of soil and a few lolly sticks!!

I’m not sure if I have planted them too deep but I guess all will be revealed in due course!  The skies were darkening for a rainstorm at this point so my intentions of planting the onion sets were scuppered but that is a job for today.

In other news… seems my rescue efforts on the blueberry worked, it has produced the first new growth since I’ve had it!!

And my yellow dahlia has finally produced a flower……(sorry about the blur!)

I’m starting to feel like a proper gardener now!!

(All photos can be clicked to enlarge.)

Another surprise!

These appear to have sprung up overnight!!  There are two of them and they are each about 4 inches across and I swear they were not there yesterday…

Most peculiar but I guess it is the right time of year.  We’ve never had them before though.  I wonder if they were spores from the old garage which was taken down for the extension and when the soil was excavated for the base for the shed, they were disturbed and moved to the other side of the garden with the excavated earth?

My first dahlia flower has finally opened, this is Dahlia tartarus with very dark red flowers.  The other one I have is called Dahlia themis and according to Google images will be yellow.

And my Cherry tomato “Gardener’s Delight” has started to ripen.  We had one today and again it was delicious. The “Sweet Million” is also coming along too.

Gardener's delight

The un-named yellow tumbler tomato is quite prolific, there are loads of them hanging right down to the ground, which reminds me I must get something to lift them up a bit or they might go off.

My parsley is making an effort – two plants from the seeds I planted about a month ago

And finally this has grown from a wildflower seed mix I threw in a pot but i don;t know what it is, can anyone help??