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Another surprise!

These appear to have sprung up overnight!!  There are two of them and they are each about 4 inches across and I swear they were not there yesterday…

Most peculiar but I guess it is the right time of year.  We’ve never had them before though.  I wonder if they were spores from the old garage which was taken down for the extension and when the soil was excavated for the base for the shed, they were disturbed and moved to the other side of the garden with the excavated earth?

My first dahlia flower has finally opened, this is Dahlia tartarus with very dark red flowers.  The other one I have is called Dahlia themis and according to Google images will be yellow.

And my Cherry tomato “Gardener’s Delight” has started to ripen.  We had one today and again it was delicious. The “Sweet Million” is also coming along too.

Gardener's delight

The un-named yellow tumbler tomato is quite prolific, there are loads of them hanging right down to the ground, which reminds me I must get something to lift them up a bit or they might go off.

My parsley is making an effort – two plants from the seeds I planted about a month ago

And finally this has grown from a wildflower seed mix I threw in a pot but i don;t know what it is, can anyone help??



Apart from the bumper bean crop that developed while I was away – I was in Ireland by the way – some of the seeds I planted a couple of weeks ago have germinated.

Basil "Genovese" seedlings

Chicory (left) & Pak Choi (right).

Turnips (top) & carrots (bottom)

There are a couple of carrots poking through as of today, honest!  I’ll have to thin a few of them out though.  These all came up really quick whereas my parsley is really struggling.  Also I think I may lose a couple of the lavenders but then again they were (technically) free so 4 out of 6 isn’t bad.

Late sowing

Since I harvested the potatoes, the used compost has been sitting in a big bucket because I didn’t want to throw it away.  But what to do with it?  As a newbie veg gardener I am not sure what you can sow at which times of the year but some of the magazines seem to suggest that you can sow quite a few things this time of year.

So this morning I got the potato grow bag back out of the shed, mixed half and half used compost and new peat free compost and filled it halfway up.  I folded the top over and made two drills into which I put some carrot seed and some turnip seed.  In my trough which had had mixed salad leaves and radishes, I again mixed in some new compost and sowed pak choi and chicory.

All the seeds are freebies which I have collected from various magazines so if they don’t produce much it’s no biggie.

Meanwhile I have the tiniest of shoots coming up in one of the pots I sowed with parsley about 10 days ago.  I was starting to think nothing was going to grow but looks like something is happening after all!

And, we have decided to let the guys our builder recommended loose on the garden.  They are going to come around the beginning of September to do all the manual work like ripping up and replacing the old weed membrane and gravel, taking out some shrubs and root stumps, digging me a veg patch and laying a new lawn.  Then it is up to us!! Yikes.