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Pest of the day – Blackfly

It was going so well with the broad beans, until I walked around the “estate” this morning and found this…..

Blackfly!!! They must have moved in overnight because there were none there yesterday.  They are larvae and are all clustered around the tops of the broad bean shoots.  And they have their little attendants – the ants.  I just Googled and apparently the ants feed off of sugary secretions from the larvae.

Having read a lot of grow-your-own magazines and books over the last 12 months I knew this could happen and what to do so I went out with a pair of trusty scissors and cut all the top shoots off the beans.  One stalk I had to go down below the first few beans because the larvae were on those too but I only lost 3 beans.  It gave me a chance to open a pod and see what size the beans were and they were not quite big enough.  Perhaps I can pick some over the weekend from further down.

A different kind of garden pest

This is our dog, looking cute and innocent………

She isn’t!

I have a strawberry container, one of those with the holes in so the strawberry plants hang down.  The birds had a go at it when the fruits started ripening so I wrapped it in mesh to keep them off.  Then one day I stepped out onto the patio and caught the dog red handed munching the strawberries through the mesh!!

The strawberry container went up on the table.

A couple of days ago there were some green tomatoes on the patio.  I thought they’d fallen off when I was mooching around on the plant, but on closer inspection of them and the ripe ones on the plant, I discovered TEETH MARKS!!  From large DOG SIZED teeth.

The tomatoes are now in the corner with a lattice panel across them blocking her out!!

I thought all I had to worry about were greenfly and slugs!!  Obviously not.

Hey, check out this vegetable market(warning: it’s a video with sound).  Maybe I could sell a few extra tomatoes there??  Incredible!!