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Is there a giant at the top?

My beans are growing so fast I’m wondering if they are magic beans and there is going to be a giant at the top shouting ” Fee, fi, fo, fum!”  Here they are as of this morning, 12 days after I sowed the seeds…….

I bought some bamboo canes at the weekend, I think it might soon be time to construct some wigwams.  Although saying that, there was a ground frost this morning so these are staying inside for now.

The tomatoes are slower growers but coming along with a germination rate of almost 100% (the beans have been 50%).

Outside, the broad beans are just starting to flower

and the cabbages, onions & garlic are ticking over. (The camellia flowers are dropping in from next door!)

The rhubarb crown I planted in the autumn has two large stalks now and plenty of new growth.  Would I be able to eat the two larger stalks or just leave the whole thing be until next year?

(click photos to enlarge)


Late November roundup

Yesterday I received two raspberry canes from a “free if you pay P&P” offer in Grow Your Own magazine.  Basically they sent me two sticks with roots on the bottom!  Anyway I’m not really sure where I want them to go but I obviously needed to get them in somewhere for now or they really would end up as just two dead sticks so I have put them in the veg bed against the fence.  One is called Polka which is an autumn fruiting variety, and the other is a summer fruiting Glen Ample.  I don’t know if I will get any fruit next year but we’ll see.

While I was outside I took a few photos of the late November veg patch

Overwintering veg

I got some of those FlexiBalls to build a low cage over the cabbages because I think the pigeons will start eyeing them up soon.  And also threw some organic wool slug pellets around them because something has already had a go.  These pellets are completely safe and made from the clinkers off a sheep’s bum! Nice!! They ponged a bit when I opened the bag. They are a good fertiliser too but whether they keep the slugs off is another matter.

Cabbages and new raspberry cane Glen Ample (back left)

There is a mystery with the garlic.  Quite a few of the organic Vallelado are coming up, but so far not one single shoot of the Solent Wight.  This is a photo of the onions with the garlic on the right, and the Polka raspberry at the back.

Onions, garlic and new raspberry cane Polka

These are my peas and broad beans, the peas are just starting to curl their little tendrils around the sticks

Peas (front) and broad beans (back)

And finally the sweet peas in pots in the growhouse

Sweet peas in growhouse

And that’s about it really.  I did have a quick look at the rhubarb and it looks like there might be a big shoot developing on the top of the crown.  I hope it doesn’t start growing yet.

I am currently reading a book a friend recommended to me called Cabbages & Roses Guide to Natural Housekeeping.  It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of Bicarb of Soda and some white vinegar!!  Haven’t tried any yet but will do soon.  It’s all much more eco-friendly than the cupboard full of poisons most people have in their houses.

State of Mind

I’m a little concerned about my state of mind – I think they call it “obsession”!!  I am thinking about growing veg all the time, I’m reading about it – I’m even dreaming about it at night!!  I’m buying little bits and pieces all the time and am now convinced my little garden veg bed is nowhere near big enough and that it’s time to think about an allotment!  And I’ve not even really grown anything yet.

Yes I grew potatoes in a patio bag, tomatoes and French beans in containers and quite a few herbs this summer.  But now I have  a veg bed I have onions – white and red, two types of garlic, peas, broad beans and cabbages all in for overwintering.  My turnips are starting to swell nicely in their patio bag.  I’ve decided on my French and runner beans for the spring and am deciding on how many potato tubers to get.  I want carrots, leeks, tomatoes, salads, squash, and kale next year but the bed is already half full.

When I was at uni I studied zoology, animals all the way, plants didn’t do anything!  Now I’ve completely switched.  At least plants stay where you put them, they don’t wander all over the place (unless dragged there by an animal).  And they grow a lot.  How does a tiny seed have enough stuff in it to become a radish let alone a whopping great big cabbage or a massive handful of green beans??  If you stopped to think about it too long you’d go doolally.

I’m excited and concerned all at the same time.  Excited when things start to pop up through the soil, concerned when I discover something has nibbled them – like my tiny pea plants today.  I don’t know if what I’m doing is right – basically I’m winging it to be honest.

I bought a rhubarb crown today.  I have no idea where I’m going to plant it, or even if it is alive – it just looks like a dead stump at the moment.  I put my cabbage collars on and made some kind of cover for the nibbled peas.

I need to go out and walk the dog, but I’ll be listening to the Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast while I’m doing it!!