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A local shop for local people

A few months ago I discovered our local hardware shop.  I kind of knew it was there but it hadn’t really been on my radar – I’d maybe been in once or twice in 15 years.

However, since the gardening bug bit, I’ve been there much more.  The French beans I grew this year came from there, as did the pot and the canes to hold them up.  My blackcurrant bush also came from there – a steal at £3.95.  I’ve bought some other plastic growing pots and compost this year and this morning I collected my spade and hoe which they had had sharpened for me.  While I was there I got a long-handled three-pronged cultivator for a fiver.

They currently have some fruit trees and bushes – apple, pear, blueberry, redcurrant – all at reasonable prices but I’m resisting for now until I’ve decided on the layout of the plot.  Plus any fruit would have to be well protected from the dog who is just a complete dustbin!! (That’s labradors for you).

If you go inside the shop I think you could probably ask for anything and they would have it.

It is run by a little old man well past retirement and his son who is probably near retirement.  I hope there is someone else to carry on the business, else we will probably lose it at some point.  But in the meantime, I shall go there for bits and pieces as and when I need them.  It is just far away to need to pop in the car but nowhere as bad as going at least 10 miles to the nearest garden centre.