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A different kind of garden pest

This is our dog, looking cute and innocent………

She isn’t!

I have a strawberry container, one of those with the holes in so the strawberry plants hang down.  The birds had a go at it when the fruits started ripening so I wrapped it in mesh to keep them off.  Then one day I stepped out onto the patio and caught the dog red handed munching the strawberries through the mesh!!

The strawberry container went up on the table.

A couple of days ago there were some green tomatoes on the patio.  I thought they’d fallen off when I was mooching around on the plant, but on closer inspection of them and the ripe ones on the plant, I discovered TEETH MARKS!!  From large DOG SIZED teeth.

The tomatoes are now in the corner with a lattice panel across them blocking her out!!

I thought all I had to worry about were greenfly and slugs!!  Obviously not.

Hey, check out this vegetable market(warning: it’s a video with sound).  Maybe I could sell a few extra tomatoes there??  Incredible!!